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Standing close with the Sri Lankan traditions of the land of kings “Magul Maduwa” is our lavishly designed banquet for weddings and other functions. With the ability to accommodate over 300 packs

The MAGUL MADUWA is one & only in Anuradhapura luxury Hotel Resorts.

Wedding Hall-For the Most Memorable Moment of Your Life


  • Welcome Area

  • Venue size - 4400 SQ FT

  • Outdoor timber deck area 700 SQ FT

  • Buffet Area- 800 SQ FT

Special location for. PORUWA ceremony, Marriage registration,VIP Guest seating & Service,Traditional Tea table


  • Traditional Lamp

  • Drop down projection screen

  • Music System

  • Wedding settee back

  • Theme decor 


Wedding Service

We treat each wedding as a one-of-a-kind event and with the greatest care. Our experienced wedding planners will advise you on decoration, timings and set-up. Our chefs will work their magic to serve you the best and to celebrate your special event with good flavours.

Food & Beverage

As a one of the best luxury hotel in Anuradhapura At Avasta Resort & Spa extraordinary cuisine is created and showcased in a menu of superior quality, creatively presented by experienced chefs and tailored to preferences. We serve authentic Sri Lankan dishes made to preference as well as sophisticated western and Mediterranean feasts.

Buffet-our dish.png

Seating Arrangements and Room Set-up

Just make your guest comfort & luxury

Most rooms can be set up to match your desired plan. Ranges of flexible seating arrangements are available and our expert Events Team is capable of creating a wide range of decorations and styles to make your special day extra special.

Special Themes

The creative Events Team at the hotel will put extra effort in to creating the event as magical as you have imagined. Personalized planning and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our Event Management team.

Flower Arrangements and Decorations

We can arrange the florists at the property to arrange fresh floral arrangements and decorations for wedding receptions. Our floral designers have an eye for the most beautiful floral arrangements and designs to ensure the best decoration in the right location, customized according to personal style, theme and budget.

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